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Super Bowl

– Ever since the National and American Football Leagues merged into the NFL, one final post-season game has determined who rules supreme on the professional gridiron. Over the decades the Super Bowl has grown into an international phenomenon watched on TVs the world over; even the halftime show has become center stage for some of the greatest live performers of all time. But you don't have to watch it on TV – you can experience the magic for yourself, along with the countless attractions of the amazing cities that host it from year to year.

World Golf Championships Dell Match Play Austin

– The WGC Dell Technologies Match Play golf tournament is one of the premier PGA events. The WGC Dell Match Play event is a favorite amongst golf fans thanks to its unique format, which features a match play structure rather than the stroke format that is used in most PGA tournaments. The knockout format is something completely different when it comes to the PGA calendar, and its intriguing matchups and intense play make it a fun event to watch. The Austin, Texas based event is one of the four World Golf Championship competitions played during the year. The 2018 event will tee off on March 21 through March 25.

Champions League Football

– The UEFA Champions League pits the best football clubs in the world against each other. Played midweek during the domestic league season in Europe, the Champions League is contested by each European country's top clubs. The 2018 Champions League Final will take place in Kiev, Ukraine. The high stakes match will be played on Saturday May 26th. It will not only culminate the Champions League season, but it will put an exclamation point on the year for all the top domestic leagues. As always, the Champions League is a must-see event for football fans. No matter which team a fan supports, the Champions League always showcases the best clubs and players in the game. It is truly an event that can't be missed.

Masters Golf Tournament

– The Masters Golf Tournament is the most famous golf event in the world. Taking place every April at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, the Masters has been played since 1934. The greatest names in the sport have all played the lush course, and those who win the Masters are immortalized with the famous green jacket. A trip to Augusta in April isn't just about golf. The entire city of Augusta comes alive during Masters week, and there are plenty of activities that pop up, tremendous dining options, beautiful natural scenery, and VIP accommodations. Of course, golf is the main attraction, and a trip to the Masters is biggest event a golf fan can experience.

Coachella Music and Arts Festival

– In April, the Californian desert is home to one of the most famous music and arts festivals in the world – Coachella. Located amidst the desert landscapes in Coachella Valley, this colorful festival is spread across six days on two consecutive weekends and features a star-studded lineup of indie, electronica and hip-hop artists. Although the festival is undoubtedly the main attraction, Coachella generates an incredibly vibrant atmosphere which flows into the Palm Springs region with exclusive parties, events, and general excitement at every turn. While most music festivals promise unforgettable acts and electrifying performances, not many take place in such a mystical environment and few can rival the spirited experience you will find at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival.

MotoGP Austin

– At Xenia Events, we are very excited about the US Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas racetrack. This is currently the only MotoGP event in the United States and Austin, TX is our hometown. We have worked this event since MotoGP came to Texas in 2013.

The Circuit of the Americas is a great track, not just because it is here in Austin, but it offers great viewing areas for fans. It is a first-class facility with lots of food and drink options and amenities. In addition, there are huge viewing screens and awesome views from around the track. Before the race you can go up to the observation tower for unforgettable views of the track, Austin and the Lone Star State landscape.

2018 World Cup

– There is no bigger sporting event around the globe than the World Cup. The 2014 World Cup attracted over 5 million people to the official Fan Fests in Brazil, and the tournament final attracted more than 1 billion television viewers; making it the most watched event in history. Taking place every four years, part of the World Cup's appeal is due to the wait football fans have to see the best players in the world take the pitch. The 2018 World Cup will be played in Russia from June 14 until July 15. The tournament is an adventure for football fans, and with 12 stadiums and 11 cities to explore, the 2018 World Cup will be an event like no other.

US Open Golf Tournament

– The US Open Golf tournament is one of the four major PGA tour events of the year. Played every June, the US Open rotates between courses across the United States. Currently played as the second major tournament after April's Masters, the US Open will become the competition's third major event in 2019 as the calendar gets a makeover. Unlike other PGA major tournaments, the US Open brings together 156 professional and amateur golfers. However, before the tournament tees off in June, amateurs from around the country attempt to qualify through regional and sectional tournaments. The US Open is unique as it allows amateur players to play against the top PGA professionals. It also allows those amateurs to live a dream scenario in which they could walk away with a major PGA tour trophy.

PGA Championship Golf

– The PGA Championship is one of the four major tournaments of the PGA season. Held in August, the PGA Championship has been a part of the professional golf circuit since 1916. It is the third oldest golf major. The tournament rotates between venues in the United States. However, a majority of the 99 editions of the PGA Championship have been played on the eastern side of the country. In 2017, the PGA Championship took place at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, North Carolina. For 2018, the PGA Championship will celebrate its 100th edition when it heads to St. Louis, Missouri. The Bellerive Country Club will play host to this season's tournament as the par-71 course welcomes 156 golfers to his fairways, greens and clubhouse. The PGA Championship will finish off the four major tournaments of the year, and usher players into the tail end of the season.

Formula One Racing

– Formula One is the fastest sport on the planet. Racing at more than 200 mph, F1 drivers are the biggest names in motorsports. Each season, F1 descends on racetracks around the world, making it truly a global motorsport. Millions flock to the racecourses and view F1 events on television. There is nothing like being at a live F1 race and feeling the wind rush across your face as the cars zoom past you. The 2018 F1 season will feature 21 heart pumping, adrenaline fueled races. The F1 season will begin in March at the Australian Grand Prix before concluding in Abu Dhabi in November, with our favorite race being the United States Grand Prix in October at the Circuit of the Americas racecourse in Austin, Texas. The race for the World Championship is on, and it will feature the biggest names in motorsports. Don't blink or you will miss the incredible race action.

Rugby World Cup 2019

– Japan will play host to the international rugby community’s biggest event, the Rugby World Cup, in 2019. To play out over six weeks across 12 different Japanese cities, 20 of the best qualifying rugby nations will compete in the multi-faceted tournament to earn the Rugby World Cup crowning title by the end of the competition. As the sport approaches its 200-year anniversary, players are thrilled to still be honoring the historic tradition as we move through the 21st century.

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