Xenia Events can turn your family's “recreation destination” into reality, no matter which sports you love.

Examples include:

Super Bowl

– Ever since the National and American Football Leagues merged into the NFL, one final post-season game has determined who rules supreme on the professional gridiron. Over the decades the Super Bowl has grown into an international phenomenon watched on TVs the world over; even the halftime show has become center stage for some of the greatest live performers of all time. But you don't have to watch it on TV – you can experience the magic for yourself, along with the countless attractions of the amazing cities that host it from year to year.

PGA Championship

– If you love golf, then of course you also love the PGA championship, the grand finale of the four major professional golf tours. So why not plan a mid-August adventure around it so you and the other golf fans in your life can experience the winning putt in person? The PGA Tour primarily occurs in the eastern half of the country, but some years it takes place out west. But wherever you end up, you'll be in golf heaven!

Formula One Racing

– March through November is Formula One season all over the world, with Grand Prix races ranging from Austin, TX to Monte Carlo, Melbourne, Singapore, Sao Paolo, Montreal, Budapest, and other amazing locales. Wherever you want to go for your racing destination adventure, Xenia Events is ready to get you there and set you up in style with great food, great wine, great lodgings – and of course a great view of the action!

Champions League Football

– If you and your kids are diehard soccer fans, you've got a built-in excuse to take an amazing European excursion to see the UEFA Champions League Final. Each summer sees this all-important matchup between Europe's greatest soccer clubs hosted by a major city such as Berlin, Madrid, London, Milan, etc. no matter where your Champions League adventure takes you, you'll experience the wonders of the Old World close up even as you watch some of the greatest sports action on the planet.

Masters Golf Tournament

– Who will win the next green jacket at the world-famous Masters Tournament? Find out for yourself by being at the Augusta National Golf Club to watch the winning putt with your own eyes. This annual Georgia classic features the finest golfing you'll see anywhere, plus tremendous dining options, beautiful natural scenery, and VIP accommodations in top-class hotels. Let us coordinate an April trip to Augusta that you and your loved ones will never forget!


– The Wimbledon Finals have always represented international tennis at its best. This historic tournament is a favorite destination, not only for its star turns by the world's greatest players but also for the sheer luxury of its accommodations and amenities. If a life-changing time in the UK is your cup of tea, then you'll want to put this sports package on your hot list.

Tour de France

– In the world of professional cycling it doesn't get any bigger, more demanding, or more scenic than the historic Tour de France. This tour pits the world's most skilled cyclists against a variety of environments through its 21 stages, from the Alps and the Pyrenees to the streets of Paris. You can ride some of these stretches yourself, or relax in great hotels and beautiful surroundings as you enjoy this unique spin through Europe.

MLB World Series

– Baseball just wouldn't be baseball without the epic thrills of the World Series. We can build an entire October getaway around your ticket to the biggest game in the sport. You'll carry home more than just souvenirs of the Series – you'll have a lifetime of memories to share and a city full of fun to explore!

Indianapolis 500

– This annual race in Speedway, IN has been called the biggest single-day event in all of sports, and Xenia Events can make sure you're a part of it. Let us provide you with a custom Memorial Day weekend travel package centered around the world's most famous automobile race!

Remember, this is just the tip of the iceberg – we can create travel packages around practically any sporting event or opportunity, nationally or internationally. Contact Xenia Events today to learn more!